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22/05/2014 | Paris

PSA Peugeot Citroen undertook firm commitments as part of the new social contract that it signed with its Trade unions. These commitments included the production of 1 million cars per year in France from 2016 and the announcement at least one new model for each of its French production plants during the period of the social contract.

At the same time the Group indicated very clearly that the production of B mainstream segment vehicles in France was no longer possible to achieve profitably and that in the future the French production plants would specialize in the manufacturing of C and D segment vehicles and high end B segment models. The production of B mainstream vehicles outside France has no impact on the commitments the company made and consequently there is no uncertainty or question over the future of the Poissy plant.

With regards to the Citroën C3 its replacement is not on the agenda and we do not comment our product plan in advance.