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13/01/2011 | Paris - 13 January 2011

Record Sales Performance in 2010 : Worldwide Sales Up 13% to 3.6 Million Units

2010 Highlights

  • Sales of new vehicles and CKD units up 13% to 3,602,200 units ·
  • Market share in Europe* improved to 14.2% from 13.8% in 2009
  • Sharp increase in the proportion of sales outside Europe, to 39% of the total vs. 34% in 2009
  • Model range mix moved upmarket, led by firm sales of the Peugeot RCZ, Peugeot 3008 and Citroën DS3
  • Further decline in corporate average emissions to 132.4g of CO2/km versus 135.4g in 2009

 *Europe: EU, EFTA and Croatia

Global automobile markets rose by an aggregate 10% in 2010. As in 2009, growth was led by China
(up 30%) and Latin America* (up 14%). Demand in Europe was down 4% overall, reflecting very
uneven performances across the region, as follows:

  • France: 0%
  • Germany: - 22%
  • Spain: + 4%
  • Italy: - 8%
  • United Kingdom: + 3%
  • CEEC: - 4%

*Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and others for a total of 23 countries.

In this environment, worldwide sales of PSA Peugeot Citroën assembled vehicles and CKD units increased by 13% to 3,602,200 during the year.

  • Sales of assembled vehicles alone rose 9.8% to 3,125,100 units.
  • CKD sales climbed 39.4% to 477,000 units, lifted by strong demand for the Peugeot brand.

In 2010, Peugeot confirmed its position as the world’s leading French car brand, while in Europe, Peugeot and Citroën rose in the brand league tables to rank fourth and sixth respectively.

Jean-Marc Gales, Executive Vice President, Brands noted:

“In addition to the record sales achieved in our bicentennial year, I can identify two reasons for satisfaction. The first is our international growth, with a large proportion of our sales now generated outside Europe. The second is the quality of our results. We made considerable headway with premium and B-to-B customers, thanks to the deployment of new models and the delivery of superior product quality, design and environmental performance, backed by our excellent quality of service. Despite the elimination of government scrappage incentives in Europe, all of these competitive strengths mean that we can look ahead to 2011 with confidence.”

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