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31/01/2013 | Paris

The Management of PSA Peugeot Citroën welcomes the responsible attitude of the CFE / CGC – CTFC – FO labour confederation in a context of an environment of sustained recession in the European markets and the difficult situation this creates for the Group.

The crisis has made restructuring an absolute necessity. In the conclusion of its audit, Secafi, the consultancy retained by all of the labour unions, emphasises the need to implement this restructuring urgently.

Commenting on this situation, Denis Martin, Executive Vice President Industrial Operations and Head of Employee Relations, said:
"When the project was presented last July, Management made a commitment to carry out restructuring within a framework of responsible social dialogue. More than ever, we hope that negotiations can be conducted in a serene atmosphere, with the objective of ensuring that all employees have a job."

Laurent Vergely, Manager of the Aulnay plant, added:
"I would like to emphasise how much I respect the hard work, commitment and exemplary attitude displayed by the vast majority of employees at Aulnay since last July. Once again, I promise to ensure that two fundamental, inseparable rights are upheld within the plant: the right to strike and the associated right to work."

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