Pay Round in France PSA Peugeot Citroën Enhances Employee Purchasing Power

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18/02/2011 | Paris - 18 February 2011

Pay Round in France PSA Peugeot Citroën Enhances Employee Purchasing Power With a 3% Overall Pay Rise

At a time of improving margins in the Automotive Division, PSA Peugeot Citroën is proposing a 3% overall pay rise.

Following the second pay round meeting yesterday, management has proposed the following measures to the labour unions:

The budget also includes raises related to the implementation of the Gender Equality and Motivation of Seniors agreements.

  • An across-the-board salary increase of 1.7% for operators, administrative employees, technicians and supervisors, with a minimum raise of €34, effective 1 March 2011. This represents an average 2% gain for production operators.
  • An increase in the overall budget for merit/promotion and seniority raises of 1% for operators and 1.3% for administrative employees, technicians and supervisors. This will enable the Group to continue offering promotions as part of the career development agreements.
  • A 2.2% increase in Minimum Guaranteed Annual Compensation to €20,950 from €20,500, and a minimum monthly starting salary of €1,486 for BPU multi-skilled production operators.
  • A 1.7% increase in working hours and workstation inconvenience pay, effective 1 March 2011.
  • An increase in the monthly supervisory bonus of Unit Managers (supervisors) to €90 from €78, in recognition of the key role they play in managing teams.

The above measures will be applied subject to the signing of a majority agreement with the labour unions.

Delegations from the CFDT, CFE/CGC, CFTC, FO and GSEA labour unions acknowledged the progress made by management and said the next step would be to consult with their members. The CGT has already indicated that it will not sign the agreement.

In a business environment that is still difficult for the Group, management’s proposals offer the right balance between meeting employee expectations with regard to purchasing power and keeping labour costs in France competitive, which is a prerequisite for maintaining jobs.

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