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06/06/2013 | Paris

The second meeting in the process to develop a new social contract was held today. This process is designed to define solutions with all employee representatives that will help to turn the Group around and enable it to maintain its strong foundations in France.

  1. Serving as a preface to the negotiations, today's meeting had two objectives:
  2. Define the negotiation process.

Present background information to the labour unions to help them enter the negotiations under the best possible conditions and with a solid understanding of the situation.

Definition of the negotiation process

The main working topics were outlined: enhance social dialogue and engage employees more fully in PSA Peugeot Citroën's corporate vision; anticipate change while seeking to secure jobs and skills; identify levers to turn the Group around and maintain strong foundations in France. Participants agreed on a meeting schedule and were informed during this meeting of the confidential nature of certain information.

Management agreed to enhance the resources provided to the labour unions as part of these negotiations, notably as concerns: overtime credits, the option for labour unions to be accompanied collectively on economic issues by the agency SECAFI.

Presentation of background information

  • A panorama of the European automobile market and its medium-term outlook.
  • Feedback on the Rebound plan and the Alliance, two key factors in the Group's turnaround.

In addition, the Industrial Operations Department's Excellent Plant Project and the Research and Development Department's DRIVE Project were presented. They are intended to enhance the Group's performance.

We will keep you informed of the proceedings after each meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for 12 June.

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