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MACIF & PSA Foundations : enhance mobility for the most vulnerable
16/06/2015 | Paris

To help people from all walks of life find fulfilment through mobility, the Macif and PSA Peugeot Citroën Foundations today issued a nationwide call for projects to address the shared challenge of improving access to mobility for the most vulnerable members of society.


The programme will be taking submissions from 15 June to 15 September 2015 via the website A total of €300,000 will be allocated to around 15 projects, to be selected by a jury of experts in November 2015.

To be eligible for selection, the projects must be backed by a general interest group and address the needs of a vulnerable segment of society, e.g.: seniors, the physically or mentally disabled or the psychologically vulnerable.


A few examples of best practices to develop and potential projects:

  • Methods of sharing a car (shared taxis, carpooling, carsharing)
  • "Inverted" mobility and itinerant services
  • Digital platforms for local food and other retail outlets
  • Digital travel assistance projects
  • Projects for re-locating everyday services to suburban neighbourhoods
  • Projects helping to optimise use of public transport


Through this partnership, the Macif Foundation and PSA Peugeot Citroën Foundation are reasserting their vision of mobility as a force of social cohesion and fulfilment for all, especially for the most vulnerable among us.


A few facts and figures:

44% of people over 75 say they have trouble getting around.

28% of them live in France's least densely populated areas and don't leave their home for five days at a time.

80% of people with a disability regularly give up on their travel plans.

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