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20/05/2011 | Berlin – 20 May 2011

Michelin to Partner with City on the Move Institute

At the Challenge Bibendum in Berlin, Michelin has announced its intention of partnering with the City on the Move Institute (IVM).

Created and supported since June 2000 by PSA Peugeot Citroën, IVM is looking for new partnerships with companies in a range of industries that are capable of playing a decisive role in improving the quality of urban mobility in the years ahead.

Michelin and IVM will exchange ideas and discuss challenges and solutions facing sustainable mobility, an area in which the two companies share a common interest.


“Michelin has organised the Challenge Bibendum since 1998 and in 12 years, it has become an indispensable global event that enables all road mobility stakeholders to work, debate, learn and talk about what road mobility can and must do to become truly sustainable,” said Jean-Dominique Senard, Managing General Partner of the Michelin Group. “PSA Peugeot Citroën is a longstanding partner to the Michelin Challenge Bibendum. Since the priorities of the City on the Move Institute and Michelin are perfectly aligned, it seemed entirely logical for us to become a partner to IVM and to officially announce the partnership in Berlin at the 11th Challenge Bibendum.”

City on the Move Institute

“IVM was created to support public discussions about mobility and stakeholders in the process. To strengthen the Institute’s development and outreach, we’re now committed to working with key mobility players,” said Philippe Varin, IVM President. “Michelin’s decision to join us is an excellent example of this approach.
I’m very pleased to have a partner with extensive experience and knowledge, which is so remarkably and concretely demonstrated at the Challenge Bibendum.”

Michelin will join IVM’s executive bodies, and a common working programme will be developed in the near future to expand the partnership.

A non-profit association, the Institute is dedicated to developing innovative international initiatives as well as social, organisational, scientific, technical and cultural experiments.

IVM has set three objectives: supporting projects that facilitate mobility for people or social groups facing difficulties, enhancing the quality of urban mobility infrastructure, and developing a culture of mobility and encouraging civic
courtesy, while taking into account environmental constraints and challenges.

IVM has always pursued its initiatives with a wide array of partners. One such initiative is The Making of Movement, an international conference organised this year in partnership with Fabrique de la Cité, a think tank created by the Vinci Group. The conference will analyse the mobility strategies of approximately 12 of the world’s largest cities.

Based in Paris with offices in Latin America and China, IVM has organised 12 exhibitions, published 19 works, held 15 conferences, launched 8 competitions or awards, and initiated a broad range of projects.

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