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09/04/2014 | Paris

"We have all experienced car journeys that felt like a feat of endurance, with traffic jams, monotonous stretches of motorway, and so on. So how can we put the enjoyment back into driving? Today, PSA Peugeot Citroën is presenting innovations that deliver customisable comfort for both the driver and passengers. These high-tech innovations call upon all our senses, paving the way for original onboard experiences."

Gilles Le Borgne, Executive Vice President, Research and Development, at the opening of the second Innovation Day at the ADN (Automotive Design Network), the Group's R&D centre.

Innovations for new sensations of onboard well-being

PSA Peugeot Citroën is staying one step ahead of customer expectations: the innovations presented today reflect modern social trends, expressed in a quest for comfort that addresses all our senses simultaneously. Through innovations focusing on acoustics, light, materials and air quality, PSA Peugeot Citroën has developed a new driving experience calling on the senses of vehicle passengers.

The Group has unveiled a summary of its multi-sensory approach:

The Chrysalide concept, a new experience of onboard well-being

A concept synchronising several vehicle functions to create an experience in well-being that awakens the senses.  The features developed enable a multi-sensory approach:

  • Sight through the ambient lighting in the roof, dashboard, door panels and  seats
  • Smell through the use of fragrance via a diffuser on the central air vent
  • Hearing through a special playlist and sound treatment in the cabin and upper seatbacks
  • Touch and thermal well-being: power adjustment seats with a 3-position memory (driving, welcome and relaxation), heating with air flows in the upper seatbacks and three massage zones: seatback, cushion and calf rest.

Béatrice Daillant-Vasselin, head of the polysensory project, explains how the Chrysalide concept creates a new automotive experience: "Car travel is seen as an opportunity, something positive, since you get something out of it. Just sitting behind the steering wheel is enjoyable once again since you can enjoy an experience in well-being."

Other original solutions were also presented. Available from 2016 to improve the sensory experience provided on board Peugeot, Citroën and DS  vehicles, they are designed to meet the expectations of our customers:

Sound spatialisation in the cabin, sound controlled for greater well-being and safety

Based on the digital processing of sound signals, this technology makes it possible to simulate the location and movement of sound sources. Working from physical sources  ?  the car loud speakers ?  virtual sound sources can be recreated and manipulated anywhere in space. The sound can be positioned or even moved, in coherence with the message or the location concerned.

Vincent Roussarie, digital audio research engineer, talked about the technology: "Sound spatialisation technology is advantageous on three levels: intelligible messages, sound quality and functional efficiency, since vocal information and sound location reinforce one another for increased driver safety".

Air quality and quality air, breathing clean air in the cabin

The pollution control unit is based on technology that detects and processes particles in the cabin using a filter of advanced efficiency meeting HEPA criteria. Pollutant gases and chemical compounds are absorbed by a system combining activated carbon, catalysts and zeolites. The system can be remotely programmed and activated to purify the air inside the cabin before a journey.

Emmanuel Boudard, head of the interior air quality innovation centre, talked about the pollution control unit: "the main principle is to protect passengers from all forms of exterior threat – allergens (the allergy-provoking proteins in pollens) and pollution – as well as to purify the air inside, which becomes charged with pollutant gases. Improving air quality in the passenger cabin is also a way to improve the perceived quality of our vehicles by creating a neutral olfactory environment conducive to new olfactory experiences".

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