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14/12/2011 | Paris, 14 December 2011

Information on the Extraordinary Central Works Council Meeting of 20 December 2011

PSA Peugeot Citroën’s management takes note of the information disclosed today oncerning the contents of confidential documents sent to employee representatives in reparation for the Extraordinary Central Works Council meting which will provide etails and consult on the support processes linked to the Group’s Performance Plan.
The meeting will take place on 20 December 2011. In light of this development, the roup finds itself obliged to make the following precisions.

The Central Works Council meeting of 20 December is part of an information and consultation process that began with the European Works Council meting of 26 October, followed by an extraordinary meeting of the Central Works Council on 15 November to consult with members about the Group’s strategy and the performance plan.

In the preparatory documents, PSA Peugeot Citroën’s management reviewed the impact of the already announced 2012 performance plan on job levels within the Automotive Division in France, estimated at 1,900 headquarters positions, and presented a support programme to address the resulting job mobility.

In accordance with its social responsibility commitments and the Human Resources Planning and Development agreement signed by five labour unions, the Group has set up a specific system to manage and lead training/retraining and mobility for sensitive jobs, enabling access to the roles where the Group is under resourced.

The proposed measures focus in a majority of cases on internal transfers and call for the additional use of outplacement on a voluntary basis, with the agreement of both the employee and the company.

Sensitive jobs are those for which the future outlook points to a decline in staffing needs and headcount in the medium term. A specific support system will be deployed for employees in these jobs, with proposals for mobility, training and assistance in retraining. The goal is to facilitate the mobility process and develop opportunities in jobs where there is a lack of resource.

In keeping with the Group’s commitment, the system will make it possible to find a solution for the future to suit each individual’s situation.

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