France : All representative unions sign a new agreement on labour union rights

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05/01/2010 | Paris - 5 January 2010

France : All representative unions sign a new agreement on labour union rights

On 15 December 2009, PSA Peugeot Citroën senior management and all the French representative unions at the Group level signed a new agreement on exercising labour union rights within the company.
In line with the new French law on union representativity, this agreement reaffirms the important role played by independent, pluralistic unions within the company and enhances the resources granted for exercising union duties by adapting them to the new representativity criteria (notably the 10% threshold in union elections).
Measures in the new agreement include:
- Additional training for union representatives, especially in the areas of business economics and work
- Additional operating resources for company and site representatives.
- Additional career tracking and development support for union representatives.

Management has also proposed an accreditation system for union experience, similar to that used to recognise work-based learning (VAE), so that the competencies deployed as a union representative can be taken into account in an individual’s career development. The system will be tested over the next three years according to procedures that will be defined by a joint labour-management working group between now and March 2010.

On signing the agreement, all of the labour unions recognised the changes that have taken place in labour relations and social dialogue at PSA Peugeot Citroën since the previous agreement was signed in 2001. This new accord supports this development and demonstrates the continuation of social policy and dialogue with all representative organisations.

Despite the difficult economic environment, ten company agreements were signed in 2009 on a wide range of topics concerning working conditions or the main transformations within the company. These included agreements on the organisation of working hours, assessing and preventing workplace stress, job classification and career development, retaining and motivating seniors, training and compensation for employees affected by short-time working and long-term reduced hours arrangements. Union representatives approved these agreements either unanimously or by a very large majority.

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