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02/12/2008 | Paris, December 2nd 2008

To cope with the crisis, a voluntary redundancy plan is adopted by the works council

An extraordinary session of the central works council was held on December 2 concerning the jobs and skills redeployment project for the automobile division in France.

This concerns emergency measures to react to the crisis which has brutally struck the motor industry.

The accepted package concerns 3,550 structural jobs, at all sites and in all Group departments. It includes voluntary-based incentive measures and mainly involves stepping up the departures which would have taken place in the months or years to come: full-pension retirements, job start-ups, professional retraining leave... Job-mobility units will be set up at each site to propose employee volunteers jobs both inside and outside the group.

At the Rennes facility, particularly hit by a 30% drop in sales of mid to high-range cars, 900 direct labour workers will be offered redeployment at other group sites.

The representatives did not wish to voice an opinion on the economic reasons for the project but they expressed, unanimously, a favourable opinion concerning the headcount adjustment plan resulting from the GPEC Jobs and Skills Forward Planning agreement, signed with 5 trade unions in March 2007.

The main measures concern:

  • 4 types of aid open to all employees: full-pension retirement assistance, extended leave of absence support, actions in favour of internal mobility and support for professional projects abroad.
  • 2 types of aid open to all, with the exception of some jobs such as direct labour workers or a few specific jobs for which the replacement would have to be on a one-for-one basis; support starting up or taking on a business and professional retraining leave.
  • Finally, two additional measures apply to employees at the Rennes plant and to the Professional Workers at all sites: support for personal projects and retraining leave.

These measures will be applied as of January 2009 and come to an end on June 30th 2009. For the Rennes plant, they will be effective for the whole year through to December 2009.

Jean-Luc Vergne, HR Directeur declared: “We have made the choice to reduce headcount without resorting to any lay-offs, by calling for volunteers to avoid any traumatic measures. I would like to pay tribute to the trade unions’ sense of responsibility in light of the difficulties the motor industry is now facing. They have voiced a favourable opinion to the social measures in the plan”.

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