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11/06/2014 | Paris

Following the nomination of the 3 Brand Directors: Linda JACKSON for Citroën, Yves BONNEFONT for DS, and Maxime PICAT for Peugeot, the new Executive Committee of PSA Peugeot Citroën is being completed with a regional and divisional organization.

Organization by region

In order to ensure the profitable growth of the Group in all regions of the world and to accelerate the transformation of PSA and make it a global manufacturer, a regional organization is being set up. It will become completely operational from September 1st, 2014

Each region will be managed by an operational Director, responsible for the economic results and for the management of Group resources in the region, including industrial and commercial activities. This responsibility is undertaken in coordination with the Brands and the other divisions of the Group.

In light of this the following nominations are made for Region Operational Directors, members of the Executive Committee, reporting to Carlos TAVARES:

China –South East Asia Grégoire OLIVIER
Eurasia  Christophe BERGERAND
Europe Denis MARTIN
India-Pacific Emmanuel DELAY
Latin America Carlos GOMES
Middle East - Africa Jean-Christophe QUEMARD






Corporate functions

The following are confirmed or appointed as Divisional Directors and members of the Executive Committee reporting to Carlos TAVARES:

Research and Development Gilles LE BORGNE
Finance & Information Technologies Jean-Baptiste de CHATILLON
General  Counsel Pierre TODOROV
Human Resources Philippe DORGE
Programs & Strategy Patrice LUCAS
Purchasing Yannick BEZARD
Supply Chain and Manufacturing Yann VINCENT

The following are confirmed or appointed as Worldwide divisional Directors reporting directly to Carlos TAVARES

Communication Jonathan GOODMAN
Quality Philippe PELLETIER
Design Jean-Pierre PLOUE

Following these nominations announcement, Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the managing board of PSA Peugeot Citroën,  said: "This new organization is one of the key objectives announced in the plan "Back in the race"; The

Region directors will be directly responsible for both the growth and profitability of their region. The newly formed Executive committee will accelerate the culture transformation which I am asking for throughout the whole company"

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