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25/04/2014 | Paris

The Annual Meeting of Peugeot S.A. shareholders was held on 25 April 2014 under the chairmanship of Thierry Peugeot, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Shareholders adopted all of the resolutions proposed by the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board, in particular:

  • Resolutions concerning the composition of the Supervisory Board ;
  • Resolutions concerning the warrants issue and the reserved capital increases announced on 19 February 2014 ;
  • Modifications of the by-laws in the context of the operations announced on 19 February 2014; 
  • The recommendation that no dividend be paid in respect of 2013, given the Group's 2013 results and in order to focus financial resources on the Group's development ;
  • The resolution concerning the capital increase reserved to employees.

The webcast of the Shareholders' Meeting and the complete results of voting on the resolutions are available on the Group's website.

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