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10/09/2014 | Paris

PSA Peugeot Citroën and its six trade unions – FO, CFE-CGC, CGT, GSEA, CFDT and CFTC – today signed an agreement on jobs for women and gender equality in the workplace. The agreement concerns nearly 60,000 Group employees in France and, especially, the 10,500 women among them. The fourth update of an initial agreement signed in November 2003, this latest agreement sets out the organisation’s long-term commitments in favour of gender diversity and equality, defining three priorities for the period 2014-2017:

Gender diversity in the professions: Considered a sustainable development performance objective, gender diversity in the different professions is improving. The agreement specifies how PSA Peugeot Citroën, in cooperation with all of its partners (including State services, non-profit organisations and companies), will work to make automotive industry jobs more appealing to women. This initiative, dedicated to training more women to pursue careers within the Group, aims to ensure that 30% of the apprentices and interns it employs each year are women. In addition, the agreement emphasises that internal job mobility helps to increase gender diversity in the organisation’s different job families and professions.

HR processes that guarantee gender workplace equality: Given that these processes have demonstrated their effectiveness, their application should be pursued and monitored. In addition to the annual comparative analysis of salary and promotion indicators for men and women, a comparative study on the career trajectories of men and women will be carried out. New provisions on maternity protection have been introduced, in particular to ensure that maternity leave does not prevent a woman's wage from rising in the year of her absence from work.

Access for women to all levels of responsibility: Maintained at executive and senior management level, this objective is to be cascaded to all management levels across all job categories. Support and training measures must be introduced to support this ongoing process over the long term. Based on this approach, the proportion of women among senior executives and managers has already doubled since 2009, representing 11% in 2014. The goal has been set to increase that percentage to 20% by 2020.

Philippe Dorge, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, said: "I’m delighted that this fourth agreement on gender workplace equality has been signed by all the trade unions. Gender workplace equality is a long-term initiative within our Group that is now producing tangible results; the proportion of women among new hires is increasing and we guarantee that it will be even higher than their proportion among those who apply for a job. The percentage of women among internally promoted employees is also constantly rising. These results derive from our method of defining improvement programmes in agreement with the trade unions as part of a continuous dialogue."

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