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22/01/2010 | Paris - 22 January 2010

2010 Pay Round in France
In an Uncertain Economic Environment, PSA Peugeot Citroën
Enhances Employee Purchasing Power and Preserves the Future
Total average increase: 1,9%

This year’s second pay round meeting was held on 21 January.

In a 2009 business environment shaped by the crisis that has struck the automobile industry and with a still very uncertain outlook for 2010,

PSA Peugeot Citroën has enhanced employee purchasing power.

Bearing in mind that French price inflation for the past 12 months is estimated by INSEE at 0.8%, the following measures have been planned for 2010:

  • An across-the-board salary increase effective 1 February of:
    • 1%, with an increase of at least €18 for operators and administrative employees, representing 1.25% of the minimum base salary.
    • 0.8% for technicians and supervisors.
  • - An approximately 0.6% increase in the merit and promotion raise budget (excluding seniority). For technicians and supervisors, this budget has been increased by 0.8% to cover promotions related to the implementation of the new agreement on career development.
  • An increase in the Minimum Guaranteed Annual Compensation (RMAG) for a full-time employee to €20,500 a year.

The average total increase in base salaries (including seniority) will come to 1.9%.

The Group’s compensation policies have led to enhanced employee purchasing power across all wage categories – in particular among those at the lower end of the pay scale – while also ensuring equal opportunity, especially
between men and women and for older employees.

PSA Peugeot Citroën is preserving the future.

In a very challenging business environment, the Group is maintaining a long-term, far-reaching commitment to
employees by:

  • Guaranteeing purchasing power for all wage categories in 2010, as was also the case in 2009.
  • Ensuring full compensation in the event that short-time work measures are introduced in plants.
  • Hiring 7,300 young people in France during the year.
  • Increasing the training budget for 2010 by 30%.
  • Continuing to invest in research and development to ensure the Group’s future.
  • Preserving manufacturing operations, and related jobs, in France as part of a commitment to social responsibility.

Rather than just pursuing short-term goals, PSA Peugeot Citroën is fully focused on three ambitious objectives:
becoming a global group, staying ahead of the curve in products and services, and setting the industry benchmark in operating efficiency. Meeting these objectives requires a culture built on responsible development, especially with
regard to the Group’s human capital.

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