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Peugeot stand

A quick glance at my wardrobe... Stilettos or an old pair of hiking boots? I'm still pondering the issue as I take the second option and head off to the 2012 Paris Motor Show. After all, I am a motoring journalist! (albeit a female motoring journalist). But my challenge is not to get ANY blisters: I need robust tools, not girly accessories, to take notes and photos in comfort as I stride up and down the aisles of the world's largest motor show: 96,000 m² or around 12 football stadiums!

So here I am, skipping round the motor show, arriving to a halt in front of a modern wood-coloured platform, dazzled by the gilded doors before me. I stand there in my hiking boots, gazing upon Peugeot's airy and sophisticated Supercar.  A car of flowing body lines in copper and carbon, paper and crystal, designed to do away with problems of weight, consumption and pollution. Onyx is a truly amazing concept car. As I look at it, I suddenly understand what is "in" and what is "out". Which my moon boots are: "out". Not futuristic. I hail the exceptional dream car then try to fade into the background after immortalizing it on my smartphone...

That's when I come face to face with Karine Lima, TV motoring presenter, who asks me to pose with her in front of the eminently sporty Peugeot 208 GTi. Answering yes until my attention is caught by the piano music coming from a futuristic baby grand piano designed by Peugeot Design Lab with the manufacturer Pleyel. I flit between the restyled magical Peugeot RCZ, which I already test drove last year between Paris and Monaco, and the surprising SUV 2008 Concept, a crossover with fluorescent  yellow/green bodywork, made to be seen and based on the 208 (my preferred city car in real life!).

Citroën stand

I relax as camera flashes go off around me. I may have started a new trend:  moon boots at the Paris Motor Show? Oh, well not really... I am just picking up the tail end of the flashes aimed at nine-time world champion Sébastien Loeb who's creating a stir on the Citroën stand a few metres away. Before he discovers the intruders – me and my boots – I run off to hide in the DS3 Cabrio.  A joyful model with a strong sense of femininity, soon to hit the road.  Keeping my feet dry, I gaze over the folded canvas roof at the concept car Numéro 9 (a luxury DS) and the all-electric Citroën C-Zero, which has just driven round the world. I tell myself that the measure of truly important issues could well lie in the expertise of Citroën, a French brand, rather than in my footwear.

Anne-Charlotte Laugier

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