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In order to support and nurture the talent it needs, the Group is relying on PSA Peugeot Citroën University. Set up in April 2010, the university is playing a major role in the Group’s transformation. Its role is to pass on expertise and know-how around the world, in compliance with the Group’s values and strategic aims.

The university offers more than 5,000 training courses linked to the 113 business functions listed by the Group. It has formed partnerships with some thirty universities around the world. In 2012, it earned the CLIP (Corporate Learning Improvement Process) label from the European Foundation for Management and Development for the quality of its teaching activities. The PSA Peugeot Citroën University thereby became the world’s 17th corporate university to be recognised as an organisation for the transmission of knowledge

The university has two international branch campuses – in São Paulo (Brazil) and in Shanghai (China) – set up to help employees all over the world share common values and working practices.

In order to pursue responsible development and to manage restructuring operations more effectively, the Group rolled out the “Mobility 2012” initiative in early 2012. The aim is to promote mobility and to provide career opportunities for employees working in “sensitive” business areas through extensive training and redeployment.

The initiative comprises two strands:

  • an internal programme called “Top Compétences”, to guide employees towards the business areas where Group HR needs are greatest (those facing a skills shortage) or those where a balance has been achieved.

    Put in place in January 2012, the initiative is based on extensive training, tailored to requirements. In 2012, 60,000 hours of training were provided for more than 1,000 employees. This process is part of the skills and employment and planning initiative, which aims to provide for the resources that will be required by key business areas in the automotive industry of the future. The approach seeks to ensure the employability of employees, while helping to restore the competitive edge of PSA Peugeot Citroën’s industrial base in France.

    The Group currently accounts for two-thirds of vehicle production in France. It builds twice as many cars as it sells in France.


  • an external programme, providing support for employees who wish to leave the Group in order to start/acquire a business, to take redeployment leave or to take up a new job outside the company.

    During the transition period, employees will be able to meet supervisory and HR staff at the Group’s Mobility and Career Development centres. Staff will seek to answer any questions raised by employees and to provide career advice. Twenty-eight of these centres have been opened by the Group, whose main priority is to ensure that no employees are left to face employment issues alone.
Training in Lean operation at the Vesoul site



83% : in 2012, 83% of Group employees were able to follow training, for an average 21 hours. Overall, almost 2,600,000 hours of training were provided throughout the year, representing an investment of more than €32 million.


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