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20/12/2011 | Paris, le 20 décembre 2011

PSA Peugeot Citroën Presents the Measures Accompanying the Redeployment Plan for its Employees

At a special meeting of the Group’s Central Works Council today, PSA Peugeot Citroën presented the details of the measures accompanying the redeployment of 1,900 jobs, included as part of its €800 million performance plan for 2012.

The plan concerns employees from the Automobile division in France in sensitive jobs, which the Skills, Jobs and Capabilities Observatory has deemed to be in decline.

The Group has set up a specific system to support employees in these sensitive positions, enabling them to retrain and move to jobs with better projects. PSA Peugeot Citroën will allocate €10 million in support of these training requirements in 2012.

The plan clearly puts the emphasis on internal mobility through tangible measures:

  • Skills assessment by HR professionals within dedicated locations at each site
  • Internal job proposals in the Group
  • Training and reconversion programs
  • Relocation assistance: mobility payments, installation grant, payment of removal fees
  • Help in finding work for the partner of the employee

The Group has demonstrated extensive expertise in terms of internal mobility. So far this year, for example, 5,000 employees in France have transferred to new jobs within the Group, including 1,000 who have moved to a new site and 1,300 to a new Division.

Employees who wish to pursue a career project outside the Group will receive personalised support to ensure that their project is consistent and viable. The measures will be carried out on a double voluntary basis, which requires the agreement of both the employee and the company.

In addition, specific assistance will be available for employees deciding to retire with a full pension.

All of the trade unions have issued an unfavourable opinion regarding the performance plan for 2012. Four trade unions out of six have issued a favourable opinion regarding the proposed assistance measures.

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