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Citroën DS5

A bold and creative brand, Citroën is on the march, squarely focused on moving upmarket through ever more attractive and innovative products and services. The Brand is enjoying strong momentum, having doubled its sales in ten years and posted considerable international growth in the last few years. In 2012 alone, the share of Citroën sales outside Europe rose 3%, for a 26-point increase since 1998.
Boasting growth superior to that of the fast-growing markets in most emerging countries, the Brand is increasing its investments in Russia, Latin America and in China, where a second joint venture has been formed to produce and sell DS line vehicles.

One brand, two lines

Citroën DS3 Racing


Citroën is responding to shifting social trends with a singular combination of creativity and technology, expressed in a dual line-up with forthright design choices: the DS line and the C line.

The DS line, launched in May 2010 with the DS3 and extended in May 2011 with the DS4 and in 2012 with the DS5, is the Brand’s premium offering, informed by French-style luxury and now a brand in its own right in China. DS is a remarkable success, with sales having already topped the 300,000 mark. In 2012 it accounted for 10% of total Citroën sales and 18% of sales in Europe. The DS line was launched in all the brand’s markets in 2012.

The C line was enriched in 2012 by three new models (the C4 Aircross, C-Elysée and C4 L) and six restyles (the C1, C3 Picasso, C5, C8, Berlingo and Jumpy). Citroën is pursuing the momentum in 2013 with the replacement of the C4 Picasso, Grand C4 Picasso and C3, and the worldwide launch of the C-Elysée and C4 L.

Starting in 2014, the C line will evolve toward cars with contemporary and bold styling featuring smart technologies for competitive running costs and unrivalled user friendliness.

Créative Technologie

Citroën C-Zero

Building on its Créative Technologie positioning, Citroën has developed a vehicle range with impressive environmental credentials. The Brand has brought an array of environment-friendly innovations to market. In 2012 it launched the DS5 Hybrid4, powered by all-new hybrid diesel/electric technology for top-level performance (200 bhp, four drive wheels) and low CO2 emissions at 99 g/km. Other innovations include Hydractive suspension, a Citroën world exclusive that controls suspension and body height in real time, adapting optimally to road conditions and driver input to provide a unique blend of roadholding and ride comfort. The system maintains a constant body height regardless of load, and also lowers the body automatically at high speeds to reduce drag and cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition, the Brand markets the full-electric C-ZERO and Berlingo First vehicles, and has fitted its entire range with e-HDi micro-hybrid technology, which reduces CO2 emissions in city driving by up to 15%. Citroën also expresses all its creativity in services, as seen in the innovative Citroën Multicity web portal, which makes travel easier, and Citroën Service Racing, inspired by the Brand’s World Rally Championship experience and consisting of vehicle services carried out in front of customers’ eyes in under an hour, as well as a complete range of contracts that have won over 25% of the Brand’s customers in Europe.

Citroën DS5

Citroën C5

The DS5 is the first Citroën to feature Hybrid4 technology, a full-hybrid drivetrain combining the road performance of a diesel HDi engine with the efficiency of electric power. With pleasure the guiding principle, Hybrid4 brings drivers at-the-wheel vitality – with 200 bhp, four drive wheels, electric mode in cities and an acceleration boost function – and ultra-low CO2 emissions, at just 99 g/km. A full 25% of DS5s sold in Europe are fitted with diesel hybrid Hybrid4 technology.

Citroën Multicity

Citroën DS4

Citroën Multicity users can rent cars at extremely competitive rates and sort out their travel arrangements. All they need to do is enter their departure and arrival addresses. Citroën Multicity does the rest, suggesting all possible routes and transport combinations, including bicycle, car, bus, metro, train, plane and boat. Web users compare the proposed solutions and make their choice on the basis of price, length and CO2 emissions, reserving tickets and arranging holidays and weekend getaways in just a few clicks.


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